Divorce in Thailand Step by Step (Update 2019)

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Divorce in Thailand Step by Step (Update 2019)

At Siam Attorney we are experts in Separation and Divorce in Thailand. We understand the intricacies of all aspects of Family Law and how to get the best possible outcome for your situation.
Separation and Divorce are specialized and complex areas of law that require specific expertise from your legal team. This is something we do every day. We understand separation and Divorce and know exactly how to apply the law and approach to your specific case, to achieve the best outcome for you in the shortest possible time.
At Siam Attorney we understand how difficult this time is for you and if we can achieve the result you are looking for without resorting to litigation, we will do so, exhausting all avenues of negotiation without going to court, where possible.

How to start for Divorce?

Most of our clients are foreigner who registered marriage with Thai woman. So, we know that sometime the problem came from difference culture or some minor thing but it creates the big thing. First of all, we suggest you to sit down with your wife and talk together to solve the situation nicely. If both of you can agree in all detail such as divorce, Thai divorce division of assets, children, then we can advise you how to divorce settlements Thai woman properly by Thai Divorce Agreement. You can see guideline for Divorce Agreement by click here Thai Divorce Agreement.
In case you cannot agree with your wife/spouse by whatever reason, you need to filling the case into Thai Court for divorce and other matter that relevant to this divorce. For filling divorce case, you must have the ground or the reason to filling the divorce. You can review grounds for divorce in Thailand by click the link here grounds for divorce in Thailand.

What you can claim or request in the divorce case?

Once you know the grounds for divorce already, you should consider some point that it must request in the same case of divorce. Here is something that you can combine in the divorce case:
1. Common Property Separation.
During marriage time one of you or both of you may receive assets, you should know how to do Thai divorce division of assets. As per Thai law the assets that received during marriage time it assume as common property. And the common property must be divide equally without concern that who receive the assets.
2. Child Custody.
In case you willing to have full custody of the child, you can request the court to terminate right of custody of other party and allow you to have sole-custody.
3. Child Support.
Because the relationship of husband and wife terminated, but the relationship of father and child or mother and child still remain. So, both parties still need to responsible for child support equally.
4. Compensate from other man that commit adultery with your wife.
If the ground of divorce is about adultery, you can sue the other man and ask compensate to this situation. The amount is variable on how damage you are. Most likely, we suggest you to ask more, then the court can consider to reduce. (but the court cannot consider to increasing!)
In order for you to understand more about Family Court process, please click this link to read in detail Thai Family Court Process.

How long it will take for court case?

If your case needs to filling in Bangkok, the case may take around 2-3 years. This take too long because Bangkok area has a lot of family case that we need to wait available of court schedule.
But if your case can fill outside of Bangkok, the case will take only around 6 months – 1 year.

I lose my case! What can I do?

In case you lost your case of divorce in Thailand at Primary Court and you need us to help you. Sure, we can help you to appeal the case to the Appeal Court. First of all, you must appoint us to be your lawyer. Then we can go to Primary Court to duplicate all documents and study the case. Then our lawyer can write the appeal to challenge the point that you lose to the Appeal Court for re-consideration. This may convert your situation to be good.

What we can help you?

As Siam Attorney International, we can help you for all divorce in Thailand process event uncontested divorce or contested divorce and also criminal issue that relevant to divorce. We can consult you since start to talk with your wife to make divorce go to the proper way. Moreover, we can handle the divorce in Family Court in Thailand as well. We are going to use our variety of experience for last many years to provide the best approach to handle your divorce and other matter that relevant to divorce. Moreover, once you done for divorce, we can assists you for translation of divorce paper and legalized by Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can see the how to legalization via this link Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We have decades of experience in Separation and Divorce matters and bring this wealth of expertise and knowledge to each and every case we take on. We will protect your rights, and communicate with you in a timely manner, listening to your concerns and utilizing our extensive network of barristers and advisors.

Our aim is to help you achieve the outcome you are looking for, whether that is more time with your precious children, a better share of the matrimonial assets, we know how to maximize the outcome for you. In case you have divorce or family problem and you need someone guide you with the right perspective, please you not hesitate to contact us via call or email.

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