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Notary Public

Notary Public is internationally recognized whether be it on the United States, Europe, or even in the Southeast Asia region. Notary public is usually an official recognized by the government to validate certain documents, signature of a person, a title deed, or even a statement of a person under oath. Notarized documents are extremely essential in proving that it is authentic. A person that has a document notarized may have a valid proof or a strong grip of evidence when needed in a courthouse.

Notary public in Thailand is quite different from other countries as you may require services from a notarial service attorney. We are accredited by Thai Lawyer Council. You can verify the member status with Thai Lawyers Council Notary public undergoes unique licensing assessment to be able to perform these kinds of service.

Siam Attorney excels in providing quality Thai notary services. They have a number of lawyers who are qualified to do such jobs. Siam Attorney has notary public in Bangkok and also a notary public in Phuket so finding a notary public in Thailand does not require tremendous amount of effort in choosing the perfect Thai notary. Siam Attorney can do all notary services for each client with various requests.

Siam Attorney’s team may help a client in different ways like:

☑ Authenticating the execution of certain documents for use overseas

☑ Vouching for identities and their witnesses

☑ Validating signatures and proving that it belongs to him/her

☑ Authenticating company business documents and transactions

☑ Witnessing and preparing of Powers of Attorney for use overseas

☑ Dealing with purchase or sale of properties abroad

Siam Attorney has many officers in Bangkok downtown and also in Phuket located at Royoal Phuket Marina available to service you. Whatever the reason for having the assistance of a Thai notary, Siam Attorney will always be ready to help with its top lawyers for notarize your document. Please feel free to contact us via call or email, we are standby to assists you.

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