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Thailand is combining with many kinds of properties and verities of location with the reasonable price. Actually, the property in Thailand it may cheaper than the property in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA or in Europe. We have observed the number of foreigners from around the world coming to Thailand in order to buy and rent the property in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Khao Yai and in other tourism areas keeps dramatically increasing every year.

Many of them buy it for residential with their family or after retirement. Furthermore, many of them buy it for the investment and this property can become the money maker machine which can generate the long term income for them. In year 2017, we observed the increase of clients from Hong Kong, Chinese and Europe and found that they desired to invest in Villa Project for their second house and also for the investment. As per asking them why they wish to buy the property in Thailand? They said “The property in Thailand is very cheaper when compare with the property in their country and it good for the investment”.
We have been provided the property service to foreign clients in order to buy, rent, lease, mortgage and others for more than 15 years. We can see some complicated issue that foreigners must confront and they need help from our lawyers to solve it. So, we suggest you to protect your benefit since the first day that you decide to buy the property in Thailand or other properties transection by consulting with our lawyers in Bangkok or in Phuket. Then you will get the right answer and our lawyers will guide you how to properly buy the property in Thailand.
Here are some issues that are always happened and questioned for the legal action:

  • Delivery date is not finished on time.
  • Construction with different materials on agreement
  • Fake title deed
  • Fake owner
  • Already paid for the reservation, but EIA not approved.
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement is unenforceable.
  • Construction with no license
  • The unit and title deed are different from each other.

Above points are just example but we have seen many issues from the property transection. It must better for you to consult with the lawyer who specializes in property transection before you pay money to the Seller.
We have provided the service of property purchase in Bangkok, Phuket and other provinces in Thailand. We can observe the different location may need the different requirement or paper work because some locations are in strict area such as Phuket, Samui, Phra Ngan etc. Therefore, we can provide different approach to handle and accomplish the case.
Moreover, we have provided service to different kind of properties such as house, land, villa, condominium, developed housing etc. So, we are the expert in these different requirements and can accompany you to buy or rent it properly.
Acquisition of the property in Thailand is not easy, but it not too difficult to be occupied if you have the expertise to assist you. Many years of experiences from our firm especially in Bangkok and Phuket will accompany you to do it with the right way.
Come to see our lawyer today before you buy the property, it will better than you come for filling litigation on unfair issue!

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